Brand search, marketing and distribution

Starting from a blank sheet, we can search for a brand if you do not have one, register it, establish its marketing concept and give you support in finding the most suitable distribution channels for your watch.

Swissness – Swiss Made

Thanks to our network, we can offer the best solutions in order to be compliant with the necessary Swiss Made label criteria.

  • Designed in Switzerland
    • Based on your ideas only or on request, by an external partner
  • Technical plans drawn up in Switzerland
    • Validated or modified by you or our specialised watchmakers.
  • Prototype produced in Switzerland
    • Based on validated plans.
  • Swiss production
    • 60% of the value for watches with a mechanical or quartz movement.
  • Assembly in Switzerland
    • Selection of an assembler (T1, T2 and T3)

Private Label

The richness and quality of our subcontractors network enables us to select the best production partners for each component (movement, case, dial, etc.) as well as the most suitable assembly company for your watch.

We will first ask for your approval before proceeding to the next step, it is essential that our partner remains the master of his dream.

The last quality control is carried out by GRD before delivery.

Your wishes will be respected and all actions will be carried out with your consent first.

Product environnement

We can collaborate for the creation of a display, as well as the box, according to the image, positioning and the distribution strategy of your brand.

After-sales service

We offer a 2 years warranty on watches.


On request, we deliver directly to your customers.